Arisaig day out sea kayaking

We had a fantastic day out recently in our motorhome, despite it being a bit dreich and drizzly, sea kayaking with the lovely people at Arisaig sea kayak centre.

It’s hard to imagine a better way to have spent the day than paddling around with seals, spotting otters and seabirds under the expert guidance and tuition of Warwick, our guide for the day.

Arisaig is about 3.5 hours from our base in Kinross. We arrived in our motorhome the night before and camped at one of the lovely campsites just north of Arisaig, with a view of one of the stunning beaches and coves. (It’s a good idea to book in advance  – the beauty of the area makes it very popular).

Next morning we picked up a few essential provisions from the local shop in Arisaig and met up with our fellow kayakers and Warwick, our guide.
Arisaig sea kayak centre provided all of the equipment we needed for the day (including waterproofs, wetsuit boots etc) and gave us a choice of kayaks according to our ability. We have only done a bit of kayaking before, so chose the stable ones!

We were given a few  tips on land and after a few minutes on the water I realised that the kayak was more stable than I was expecting and I soon feel very comfortable, if a little damp.

We headed south down the coast a little and then across the channel into the skerries, beautiful  islands and low-lying rocks which are fantastic to explore by kayak at low tide. Warwick  had seen an otter on the two previous days’ expeditions, so our hopes were high. We were not disappointed – after lunch we saw a huge dog otter on the bank, no more than 30 m from where we sat silently in our kayaks.

Sea kayaks with a view!

For most of the day we were followed around by curious seals from the colony there. Warwick was careful to explain how to watch from a distance if they are on the rocks, so as not to disturb them. He was also very knowledgeable on birdlife, and we saw arctic terns, a heron, guillemots and lots of others.

We dried off in the motorhome, put on fresh gear and had a hot chocolate. Kayaking uses a load of muscles I didn’t know I still had, but after a couple of pints in the cosy bar at the Arisaig hotel, I’m sure I could happily kayak to Skye and back again!