Cooler nights – nice warm motorhomes!

Wild Scotland is a beautiful place to go walking and sight seeing and as the evenings get cooler, many people swap camping for motorhome travel. Our motorhomes are incredibly well insulated  (Grade 3 thermal insulation) which makes them suitable for all round use. Both types of motorhome have great gas or electric heaters (meaning you can wild camp and be warm!), awnings, and barbecues which can also be used as camp fires in the right location. They are ideal for munro baggers – as the days get shorter, you can park close to the hill and be back in a nice warm motorhome at the end of a long day, with piping hot water too. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t charge for gas usage, so you can keep warm without worrying about the cost.

Hot drink after a good day

There’s also plenty of room to have dinner inside – the photo below is in Katy



Supper inside on a cooler night

There are quite a few campsites in Scotland that are open all year – take a look at this website for inspiration.