Top tips for preparing for your motorhome holiday

Top tips for preparing for your motorhome holiday

If you’ve never been away on a motorhome holiday before, the adventure is just starting! To get the most out of your trip, it helps to prepare a little in advance, and bring the right things with you.

  1. Packing

Pack your clothes and gear in a soft sided bag (i.e not a suitcase) and ideally bring a smaller day pack for days out. In Scotland, prepare for all weathers, with waterproofs, walking shoes or wellies, sun cream, midge repellent, layers.

Bring indoor shoes to wear inside (crocs or flip flops are also good), and lots of pairs of socks (they tend to get mysteriously damp, especially children’s!), hats and swim gear, beach towels. It’s a good idea to bring a robust bag to keep outdoor shoes in – you can leave them outside under the motorhome overnight to save space and keep everywhere clean.

  1. Equipment

It depends on the kind of holiday you’re planning, but map(s), spare batteries and a game or two (again, we supply these). Chargers for phones or other equipment, and a dvd if you want to use the dvd provided. (MAS vehicles have TV / dvds, but TV reception isn’t always good out in the wilder places). Bike locks if you bring bikes. If you hire bikes with our local provider, they can supply them.

  1. On the move

Think about where you’ll stay in advance if you can, and it’s essential to book some places in advance in peak season or if you have somewhere you really want to stay or eat. It’s a good idea to plan an itinerary in advance if possible, to get the most out of the trip. You can book ferries in advance on the Calmac website.

Beautiful wild places on Mull in a motorhome

Motorhome with bikes, ready to go

We use the guide ‘Scotland The Best’, and there’s a copy of it in the vehicle. We can also help with an itinerary – we have a huge amount of knowledge from our own trips all over Scotland and its islands, and from our customers.

Think about fuel stops – the very rural, remote areas don’t have fuel stations, or they have reduced opening hours, so it pays to think ahead and don’t let the tank get too low.

If you’re visiting a town or village, think about parking a little way out and walking or cycling in. It’s less stressful, less expensive than paying for car parks, and often easier to park.

  1. Food

You can stock up on essentials in Kinross – there’s a Sainsbury supermarket 2 minutes from our base and a fab local butcher, Hunters, in the High Street. It makes sense to buy frequently for space reasons. You may need to plan for this if you’re heading somewhere remote, or to make sure it’s cost effective or that you can take advantage of good local produce. Please try to buy locally and put something back into the communities whose area and facilities you’re enjoying.

Yummy local asparagus, cooked on the outdoor hob

Outdoor breakfast – this one on the Elie coast, less than an hour from our base