Wild Camping

We’re often asked about great ‘wild camping’ opportunities in a motorhome in Scotland, and how easy it is. Scotland has so many beautiful wild places, and it can be great fun to be away from other people for a night, with everything you need in your motorhome.

photo of a burning piece of fire wood

The joys of a campfire

General Tips

We are reluctant to recommend specific wild camping sites as things can change very quickly, for example somewhere that was great last year or last month might now be part of a forestry operation. We find it’s best to consider the following general tips:
· Try forestry commission car parks (always check signs)
· Don’t settle somewhere you feel uncomfortable, there will always be a better place.
· The further away from towns, villages, houses you are the better
· Be inconspicuous
· Avoid laybys on busy roads (people toot at you in the early hours, apart from anything else!)
· Use minor roads, but make sure you don’t block them, park well off them.
· Give yourself plenty of time to find the ideal spot, even if you come back to it later (flat spots are to be recommended!)
· If there are people around, ask, we have always found that very helpful.

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code is very helpful. Remember, leave no trace (for example, we provide camping stoves and barbecues which can double up as small fire pits so that you don’t leave fire traces).

Damage from campfires on the machair at Traigh beaches

Breakfast with a view